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Unleashing the Power
of Microalgae!

Healthy, sustainable, and competitive functional ingredients from microalgae

We are QUAZY!

Quazy Foods is a Berlin-based biotech company unleashing the power of microalgae for broad-scale applications in the food industry and beyond.


Driven by our passion for nature and our excitement for science, we work on a new generation of ingredients. We want to allow producers to meet the expectations of today’s conscious consumer base without having to give up on anything. And in these fascinating microorganisms we have found the perfect base.


In the words of the European Commission: “Now is the time to fully harness the potential of algae as a renewable resource in Europe”.

Striving for the cutting edge of innovation

Person holding a big globe ball
Image by Mario Álvarez

Why Microalgae?

Microalgae have shaped climate and nature for
over years.
It is time to harness their superpowers for food.


Microalgae have impressive nutritional profiles. Ours are best known as a superior source of protein, providing all nine essential amino acids. At the same time, they are rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, and bioactive compounds. Other than soy or wheat, they come without allergens. As a result, they help food manufacturers create products that are as nourishing as they are delicious.


The rapid growth of microalgae translates into exceptional land productivity, dramatically reducing required land area. When done right, this goes along with a great freshwater footprint. Another beneficial aspect lies in the closed cultivation systems which prevent eutrophication, meaning the unwanted enrichment of water bodies with nutrients through fertilizer run-off. Tiny organisms, huge impact.


At Quazy Foods, we are not merely producing algae. We tailor our strains und unlock their inherent functionality to provide highly competitive ingredients. Our microalgae have significantly improved taste and colour profiles. They can be used to enhance product texture and replace undesired legacy ingredients. Or to develop entirely new products that tick all the boxes at once.

Product benefits

At Quazy Foods, we work hard to develop ingredients that compromise neither on health, sustainability, nor functionality. Are you interested in evaluating the application potential for your products? » Let's talk!

A new generation of ingredients

At a glance:
'Clean label' suited
Highly functional
Sensorily subtle
Nutritious and healthy
Sustainable and vegan
Microalgae under Microscope
Algae Powder
Vegan Burger
Zero hunger
Number 2
Good health & well-being
Number 3
Responsible consumption & production
Number 12
Climate action
Number 13
Life below water
Number 14
Life on land
Number 15

Sustainable Development Goals

Quazy Foods is not only a biotech pioneer but also a strong advocate for global sustainability. Our work with microalgae is driven by a profound commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting our ambition to make a meaningful contribution to a better world. Focusing on ecological harmony and human health, we embrace these goals as a compass for our innovation.

We work towards the United Nations SDGs


Partners & Support

Quazy Foods is honoured to be co-funded and supported by leading early-stage, food, and biotech investors, as well as by the » European Union through its research and innovation support schemes. We deeply value cooperation, which we pursue through our strong scientific and entrepreneurial networks, driving change together!

Empowered by collaboration


Are you passionate about biotechnology and eager to work in a dynamic and stimulating environment? Do you share our excitement for these tiny yet powerful organisms? Would you like to make a contribution towards unleashing one of the world’s most promising resources for the better of people and planet?

Wanna go QUAZY? Become part of our team.

Check out our vacancies at
or send us your application via

Arvid from QUAZY FOODS

Nixe, Arvid, and the whole team are happy to get to know you!

Let's start a conversation.

Berlin / Brandenburg, Germany


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